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If you can envision it,
we can create it in granite!

Who We Are

MegaStone – Your one stop destination for your stone needs

You may have envisioned a stylish theme for your home or office, but it won’t simply be the same unless you choose the right kind of high quality stone. The right stone decor can set the tone for your room. Choose the wrong kind, and you will most likely feel that “itch”.

You know, that kind of feeling that there is something that isn’t just quite right with your office or room, but you just can’t pinpoint what. That is why at Mega Stone; we do all we can to help you bring that room or office idea of yours into reality.

So, how can we specifically help you? I thought you’d never ask.

Full service Stone Providers

At Mega Stone, we are full service stone providers. That means that we will help you with everything that is related to your stone needs.

We are here to help you from the conceptualization stages to installation and finishing. This means that you don’t have to go looking around for different sorts of service providers. We are all about convenience for you.

Fabrication to Installation

MegaStone is not just a store in which you buy decorative stones; it’s not also a service that only installs. We are both. We can do the fabrication and installation, and this makes the entire process convenient for you. However, there is another added benefit for our “end to end” service.

Since you are purchasing stones from us and choosing us to install it for you, you can actually get a better deal. Think of it like a wholesale purchase, which is always cheaper. In other words, we can help you save money and make things easier for you at the same time.

High Quality Standards

We at MegaStone do not compromise on quality. This is one of the reasons why we choose to fabricate our stones. We want to ensure that the stones we install are of the highest quality possible as the budget allows.

Quality installation and quality material go hand-in-hand as the two factors enhance the other. If the materials or the installation service is subpar, then you are not maximizing your budget to the fullest.

Materials are not the only “high quality” things you can expect from us. We also put a high quality on customer care. We fully understand that we make our living by helping you, and that’s why bad customer service is unacceptable for us.

The right stone can have a big impact on the overall theme of your design. However, it’s not always easy to choose the right kind of stone and then let’s not forget about the quality of the stone and installation. Thankfully, with Mega Stone, you don’t have to worry about these things.

MegaStone is a full service stone provider, and we can be your one-stop destination from choosing the right stone to installation. Furthermore, our attention to details is unparalleled in our industry. If you are looking for a full-service stone provider that comes with a great price, then look no further. We at Mega Stone are ready to help you. So, contact us right now and ask us how we can help you.